Sunday, August 30, 2015

‘Gun family’ head gets 18 years for trafficking weapons into New York

Man gets 18 years for trafficking guns into New York

Quick (upper right) was head of a six person “gun family”

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A Brooklyn judge handed down sentencing Thursday in the case of a man who sold 151 guns brought from Georgia to an undercover New York cop on a street corner.
According to a release from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, Michael Quick, who maintained addresses in both New York and Georgia, made 13 trips in an eight month period between September 2013 and April 2014, shuttling guns, some stolen, northward.
This garnered Quick a conviction following a plea bargain earlier this month to one count of first-degree criminal sale of a firearm and one count of first-degree criminal possession of a weapon, to which Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun sentenced the man to 18 years in state prison and five years of post-release supervision.
As noted by Chun’s office, Quick was the nexus of an enterprise that focused on acquiring guns in Georgia from multiple sources then transporting them to Brooklyn where, in each instance, the lots were sold to the undercover buyer on the corner of Foster Avenue and East 96th Street in the working-class Canarsie residential neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Arrested in April 2014, Quick and his wife along with four associates, all relatives, were booked on a 558-count indictment on a mix of firearms and conspiracy charges.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Talk about Guns and Suicide

California Man Shoots and Kills Two Fleeing Robbers in Arizona and Gets Away With It

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Kamhen "Omar" Saleh

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Two years ago, a 20 year old California man withdrew $44,000 from the bank for the family business.  He placed the money in a backpack in his vehicle.  He also had a 9mm pistol in the vehicle.  Two men attempted to steal the money; he saw one in his SUV and confronted him; ultimately shooting both men.  In the confrontation they had occupied another vehicle, taking the backpack and money with them.

Saleh fired 8 shots from his 9mm pistol.  The men were in the other vehicle by the time he started shooting.  He says he feared that they were going to run him over.  His bullets hit the side and rear of the vehicle.

While the defense attorney criticized the prosecutor for pursuing this case, I can see the prosecutor’s side. The robbers were in a vehicle, so their knives were not a threat. Saleh shot into the side and rear of their vehicle. The prosecutor questioned Saley’s judgement on a couple of points.

3rd-Grader Brings Gun To School, Accidentally Shoots Classmate

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Officials in Georgia say a third-grader who accidentally shot a classmate at school found the weapon while exploring his family's kitchen.
The shooting happened Tuesday at Hornsby Elementary School in Augusta. Authorities said the child was playing with the gun inside a desk when it accidentally discharged, grazing a girl. School officials say she was treated at a hospital and released.
Richmond County Department of School Safety Chief Alfonzo Williams said in a statement the boy was looking around his house for a toy and found the gun hidden in a curio stand in the kitchen. Williams said he used a chair to climb onto a counter to get to the gun.
The students' names weren't released because of their ages.

George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An 'Ignorant Baboon'

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George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot and killed an unarmed black teen in 2012 but was acquitted of second-degree murder charges, took to social media this week to call President Barack Obama an "ignorant baboon."

Zimmerman made the comment in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday and Thursday while referencing the shooting deaths of two journalists on live television.

In one, Zimmerman quoted the president's remarks on gun violence while also insulting him:

Earlier this year, Zimmerman complained that Obama had turned Americans against him, referring specifically to when the president said in 2012, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."