Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Las Vegas 8-year-old

You lawful  and responsible gun nuts continue  to amaze and entertain  (with your denial and bizarre  justifications ). The poor kid lost his older sister to an accidental shooting and still his negligent  parents allowed  this to happen.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Disruption of services

For various  reasons there will be little or no activity on the blog for the next three weeks.  It's  obviously not for the lack of material, for example three school shootings in a single day. You gun nuts continue to amaze and entertain.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Oregon School Shooter's Mom, Laura Harper - Shades of the Lanza Family


His mother, Laurel Harper wrote about her passion for firearms in online postings to Yahoo! Answers three years ago. "I keep all my mags full. I keep two full mags in my Glock case. And the ARs & AKs all have loaded mags," she wrote, referring to magazines of ammunition, a Glock handgun and military-style rifles. 

"No one will be 'dropping' by my house uninvited without acknowledgement," the post went on to say. Another post criticizes another person over poor judgement using "airsoft" pellet guns, and emphasizes gun safety. 

Harper did not return phone calls and emails from NBC News. The email address used in some of the postings appears to be linked to her. 

In another post nine years ago about autism, Laurel Harper said: "My son has Asperger's. He's no babbling idiot nor is his life worthless. He's very intelligent and is working on a career in film making." 

A note was found at the scene of the rampage in which Christopher Harper-Mercer said he was "in a bad way" and was depressed, law enforcement officials said. His mother told investigators that he struggled with mental health issues, The Associated Press reported.

Florida Man Shot in the Mouth While Brutally Beating Elderly Man

Justin Paul Carter
Justin Paul Carter faces several charges, including aggravated battery of a person 65 or older. (Photo: Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

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Authorities said the victim was acquainted with his attacker, and in fact, called him grandson, despite no blood relation, but on Sept. 19, the relationship took a barbarous turn when Justin Paul Carter showed up at the home of Michael and Margaret Frey, demanding to speak with Margaret alone. Michael, who said Carter was obviously under the influence of drugs at the time, would not allow him to be alone with his wife, which only angered Carter.

The couple repeatedly instructed Carter to leave their home, but the man refused. Finally, Margaret went outside to call 911, but while she was outside of the home, Carter flew into a violent rage and began savagely beating Michael, striking the 74-year-old man numerous times in the face before pounding his head into a cabinet.

Michael, believing his life was in danger, reached into his pocket, pulled a .38 from his pocket and shot Carter a single time in the mouth. At that point, Carter finally stopped attacking the elderly man and ran from the home, shattering a window in the process.

Michael Frey
The man who severely assaulted 74-year-old Michael Frey was previously called “grandson” by the elderly couple. (Photo: WCSO)

In the end, Michael suffered from a broken nose, a fractured orbital socket of the right eye and a severe hematoma on the head. Pictures released from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office show the severity of the attack.

Adkinson said the shooting was “absolutely a justifiable use of force.” The sheriff added Carter’s behavior toward Michael was “inexcusable” and such behavior toward senior citizens is unacceptable will not be tolerated.

“In this case, having a firearm saved this man’s life,” Adkinson concluded.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How La Pierre Avoided Vietnam

More on the Oregon School Shooting

New Trajectory

What followed was a flurry of activity, repeated every time we have a mass shooting (which is more than once a day in America now -- yes, you read that correctly!).  There was initial shock, followed by varying news reports and chaotic trickling of information. Then there was outrage from the community and those of us who fight gun violence.  Next came the slow release of factual information, and statements from politicians.  This time some called for change, like President Obama.  Each mass shooting brings more public voices like his.  This was the 15th time he has had to come on to national TV and address another mass shooting.
And then came the usual parade of pro-gun comments about how the faculty and students should have armed themselves, and fluttering about "gun free zones."

Well, it turns out that there was at least one student who had a concealed handgun and permit, a vet named John Parker, Jr.  After considering whether to engage the shooter, he decided it would be wisest not to, for fear the deputies would mistake him for the shooter.  See a news interview with him, HERE.  I don't approve of having guns on campus other than in the hands of well-trained law enforcement or security, but he was in his state rights to do so.  I'm glad he chose not to play a vigilante hero and get himself killed.

And, surprise, Umpqua Community College wasn't a "gun free zone," either!  Umpqua Community College has a policy that firearms and ammo are forbidden unless expressly authorized by law, which would allow conceal carry with a valid permit since state law allows conceal carry on state campuses unless the institution disallows that, too (such as the University of Oregon).

It should also be pointed out that the pro-gun myth that gunmen target places specifically because they are "gun free zones" has been debunked many times.  From a Mother Jones article:

Among the 62 mass shootings over the last 30 years that we studied, not a single case includes evidence that the killer chose to target a place because it banned guns. To the contrary, in many of the cases there was clearly another motive for the choice of location. ... 
No less a fantasy is the idea that gun-free zones prevent armed civilians from saving the day. Not one of the 62 mass shootings we documented was stopped this way.
A number of things kept the massacre from being worse:  deputies arrived within just six minutes of the first 911 calls to shoot out with the shooter; the school had practiced active-shooter emergency response just a week before; faculty followed the rules and locked doors and took shelter; and a real hero stepped in to confront the shooter.  Chris Mintz was shot multiple times, but he will survive, and he bought a lot of time for others to escape and for law enforcement to arrive.

But having a student with a gun didn't solve any problems in this shooting.  Having a conceal carry vigilante shoot it out with the assailant very well may have led to bystanders getting killed or confusion by law enforcement. 

But the gun lobby, gun sellers, and their minions are happy to keep feeding us the myths of the conceal carry hero and "gun free zones" to stoke the fears of those who care more about emotional responses than the facts.