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Powerful New York Gun Ban Politician Arrested for Bribery, Kickbacks

Arrested New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver joins Michael Bloomberg in trying to use the force of the state to ban guns in private hands -- in New York and in "Everytown."
Arrested New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver joins Michael Bloomberg in trying to use the force of the state to ban guns in private hands -- in New York and in "Everytown."

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New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been arrested on a five-count federal complaint charging him with accepting millions of dollars in exchange for using his political influence, New York Daily News reported Thursday. The charges are described as “stunning” for “the Manhattan Democrat [who has been] a state political fixture for decades.”

As such, Silver has been a leading proponent of “gun control” throughout his terms of office, including being a driving force behind passing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “SAFE” Act. In 2012, Silver pushed through a package of bills after the Sandy Hook killings, using that as the springboard to enact legislation that had failed to be enacted in prior years, including microstamping, gun locks and “closing loopholes.” He stated his post-Newtown goal flatly, to impose “a complete ban on assault weapons.”

Silver’s arrest is reminiscent of other arrests for criminal acts that prominent citizen disarmament-demanding politicians have made headlines with in recent years, including numerous members of Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” Other anti-gun pols charged with serious criminal activity include California State Senator Leland Yee, including racketeering and gun trafficking.

Silver’s arrest is expected to spark conversation among pro-gun activists discussing the case. As is typically the case when someone demanding to criminalize a right is himself found to be under suspicion of self-serving real crime, the environment that allows corruption to flourish also comes under scrutiny.

Louisiana 11-Year-old Critical - Shot by 14-Year-old Friend - No Charges Expected, Naturally

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Illinois Man, 14-Year-old Son Hurt in Accidental Shooting

Local news reports

A Marengo man and his 14-year-old son were taken to a hospital after a gun accidentally fired while the man was cleaning it.

Marengo Police Sgt. Paul Fritz said officers responded to the 400 block of Hale Street at 5:20 p.m. to find the man and teen with gunshot wounds. Fritz said the man was cleaning his gun when the weapon fired. The bullet went through the man’s hand and hit the 14-year-old in the arm. The bullet then ricocheted off his arm and struck the teen in the leg.

Fritz said no major arteries were struck and both the man and teenager were taken to Centegra Hospital – Woodstock to be treated.

No foul play is suspected, Fritz said, but an investigation is ongoing.

"No foul play," did you get that?  Violating two or three of the major safety rules in front of his son, resulting in a negligent discharge and injury isn't considered foul play?  It certainly should be.

Texas Open Carry Looking Less Likely to Pass

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The Texas gun debate has gone wild, wild west.

A confrontation between gun owners and a state lawmaker who later was given a state security detail. Panic buttons installed in legislative offices. Guns made and displayed at the Capitol gates.

What many thought was a slam-dunk in the Republican-controlled Legislature — allowing the open carry of handguns in Texas — turned into a tempest in the opening weeks of the session. And its chances of passing seemed to further diminish when one of the state’s most outspoken conservatives flip-flopped on whether it’s even a priority issue.

The antics have left some gun-rights advocates shaking their heads.

“(Open carry) has been pushed off the rails by the nut jobs,” said Jerry Patterson, a former Marine, gun enthusiast and open-carry advocate who wrote the state’s concealed handgun license law as a state lawmaker in the early 1990s.

In Virginia, Tykes Have Gun Rights, Too

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You may not have noticed, but on Tuesday huge cheers boomed out of every nursery school classroom in the commonwealth.

Four-year-old boys and girls wept in happiness and relief. They’d been so scared of losing their gun rights they couldn’t concentrate on learning their ABCs. Thankfully, the National Rifle Association came through for them again.

The source of their fear was a nasty bit of legislation introduced by (who else?) a liberal lawmaker from (where else?) Northern Virginia. His name is Sen. Adam Ebbin. He’s from Alexandria and obviously, he’s a Democrat.

Existing Virginia law allows a child younger than 12 to use a gun under adult supervision. Had Ebbin’s bill passed, it would have been illegal for an adult to allow a child under 5 to use a gun under any circumstances.

In other words, Ebbin wants to limit tykes’ gun rights. From this we can conclude either that 1) he’s against hunting, the shooting sports and self-defense for preschoolers; or 2) he dumbly forgot to consider those factors at all — in a state where hunting is a constitutional right.

What the heck is a 4-year-old supposed to do when a child molester comes after him? Run? That won’t work. The predator’s legs are longer.

Tattle to an adult? That’ll increase chances the kid will grow up a sissy. He’ll be an object of scorn and bullying when he gets to high school.

States with Weak Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Deaths


Newly available data for 2013 reveals that states with weak gun violence prevention laws and higher rates of gun ownership have the highest overall gun death rates in the nation, according to a Violence Policy Center (VPC) analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. 

Meanwhile, states with the lowest overall gun death rates have lower rates of gun ownership and some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation. However, even in these states the human toll of gun violence is far above the gun death rate in other industrialized nations.

The VPC analysis refers to overall gun death rates in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available. A table of the states with the five highest gun death rates and the five lowest gun death rates is below. For a list of gun death rates in all 50 states, see

States with the Five Highest Gun Death Rates
States with the Five Lowest Gun Death Rates
Household Gun OwnershipGun Death Rate per 100,000RankStateHousehold Gun OwnershipGun Death Rate per 100,000
1 Alaska 60.6 percent 19.59 50 Hawaii 9.7 percent 2.71
2 Louisiana 45.6 percent 19.15 49 Massachusetts 12.8 percent 3.18
3 Alabama 57.2 percent 17.79 48 New York 18.1 percent 4.39
4 Mississippi 54.3 percent 17.55 47 Connecticut 16.2 percent 4.48
5 Wyoming 62.8 percent 17.51 46 Rhode Island 13.3 percent 5.33
  The five states with the highest per capita gun death rates in 2013 were Alaska, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming. Each of these states has extremely lax gun violence prevention laws as well as a higher rate of gun ownership. The state with the lowest gun death rate in the nation was Hawaii, followed by Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Each of these states has strong gun violence prevention laws and a lower rate of gun ownership.

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