Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kids and Guns in Utah

What Are We Doing about Violent Gun Crime?

West Virginia Accidental Shooting Death Under Investigation

Pennsylvania Man Arrested at JFK Airport with Gun - He Didn't Forget He Had It

Bonehead busted with loaded gun at JFK checkpoint

New York Post

There’s still one man in America who doesn’t know that you can’t bring weapons onto airplanes.
A knucklehead from Pennsylvania found out the hard way that guns and air travel don’t mix when he walked up to a security checkpoint at JFK Wednesday and plunked a pistol down into the X-ray scanner tray as if it were his keys or wallet.
Shocked TSA agents’ jaws dropped when they saw Richard Forti, 55, casually flash the .32-caliber handgun.
He was immediately seized by Port Authority cops, who found another weapon on him — a pair of “cat eye” brass knuckles, which have two metal spikes on the top that look like cat ears.

Stoner Gun Owners in Illinois Have Reason to Party

Local news reports

Illinois regulators finalizing the state's conditions for medical marijuana have removed a proposed rule that would have barred legal gun owners from becoming cannabis-using patients, a person close to the process told The Associated Press.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the draft regulations aren't expected to be published until Friday. The Chicago Sun-Times first reported the change in its Thursday editions.

Some patients had said they would rather continue to use marijuana illegally rather than give up their firearms owners ID cards. The wording drew numerous complaints in public comments from gun owners who hoped to apply for medical cannabis cards. Many said their rights were being trampled.

Open Carry Texas Photo Shoot with the Kiddies

Fort Worth Weekly link sent to me by ssgmarkcr who thought the Michael B mentioned below might be me. It's not. The part I liked best is where the mom denies the kid's finger is on the trigger. Who's that remind me of?

Her kids said they’d like a photo with a gun, and she asked OCT members if she could take a photo of her kids holding the weapons. But she wasn’t the only one taking photos. Other photographers snapped away, and the internet did the rest.
“I was standing there and they took a picture, and I’m going to own that,” she said.
Police officers were nearby, the guns weren’t loaded, and it seemed like a fun and safe thing, she said.
“My father was a federal officer,” she said. “I was raised around guns. My kids are well educated. But they don’t own guns. They had nothing to do with the Open Carry. They just took a picture and it’s gotten all blown up.”
She was particularly annoyed by a commenter named Michael B. who wrote that, “for people claiming to love guns and their 2nd Amendment, they are doing a horrible job raising their children. Look at the boy with the rifle. Bolt closed, finger on the trigger. At a public event. Look, if you feel inadequate and want to compensate by carrying a weapon in the open that’s just fine. Given the strength of the argument given by Open Carry, I gather more than a few of them don’t qualify for concealed. But poor trigger discipline is appalling.”
The boy’s mother said the photo is deceiving, and said his finger was never on the trigger.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

OK, not only are the Republicans making gun regulation a partisan issue, they are also using climate change. Guns aren't as much of a biggie as climate change is, but it's bad that the pseudoconservatives in the US are willing to play with the planet (unlike conservatives in other countries who admit there is a problem).

What if the world were a different place?  CHeck out this video from Congressman Jared Huffman:

Guns aren't as much of a biggie since people are more likely to kill themselves with their guns than stop a crime.

What loss is it if a gun loon accidentally kills himself (herself)?